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tree decorated with lights on Christmas event

Christmas is officially upon us so I thought it would be fun to offer 12 tips for decorating your home.
~ Happy Holidays, everyone!!

Tip 8 – Ornaments aren’t just for trees! Think about a few areas in your home that could use a little extra Holiday sparkle. Hang them from chandeliers, hang a cluster in a bare corner from the ceiling, hang them in windows and doorways. Click here for inspiration!!

Tip 7 – Try using the greeting cards you receive as part of your holiday decor. Here’s one idea, hang them in a “tree”. These branches were collected after wind knocked them to the ground, spray painted white, and arranged in a vase. They are actually on this mantel year round, but at Christmastime each branch is decorated with small silver and gold balls, and greeting cards (as they come in the mail) are hung with brown ribbon.

Tip 6 – Don’t overlook the small spaces! Simple touches in small nooks of your home like entry ways or sitting areas help to carry Holiday Cheer throughout your home!

Tip 5 – if you’re having a party for 30 or for 3 don’t forget to dress up your dining room table. This will set the mood for all of your guests and get them in the holiday spirit. As a matter of fact, you can even apply the previous tips to come up with ideas for your holiday table. It will also be easier to execute your design by first thinking of a theme and color scheme for your table. Here are few pictures to help get the ball rolling.

Tip 4 – Centerpiece ideas!! And, don’t stop at dining room table, create them for the mantel or a table in the hallway. Click here for easy-to-make centerpieces (and inexpensive for the most part). Many of these centerpieces can be created using items you already have around your home.

Tip 3 – Decorate with ribbon – Try mixing things up this year by decorating with ribbon instead of the traditional greenery. Using ribbon is softer and lighter creating a subtle, elegant look. You can mix colors and sheen, add in a strand of beads, even mini lights. Using three ribbons of different colors and widths and arranging them at different heights will add visual interest. If you’re swagging it on a railing, try adding ornaments, pine cones, bows, or other things at the top points of each swag. Also, try adding ribbon to your mantle decorations.

Tip 2 – Decorate with a theme! I remember my grandmother decorating her tree in seashells and other oceanic flare. Don’t just stop at the Christmas tree, carry it throughout your home – a dining room is another great place to deck for Christmas. Decorating with a theme in mind will help with continuity and flow from room to room. Each room doesn’t have to be over the top, create small vignettes in smaller places like bathrooms and hallways. Include your theme in your upcoming holiday party as well. Having a theme starts a great tradition that your holidays guests will look forward to each year.

For theme ideas check out this site.


Tip 1 – Ever see pictures in magazines this time of year of beautiful rooms decorated for Christmas and wonder how you can make your home look like it was right out of a magazine? One trick is to make sure your Christmas decorating color scheme matches the same color scheme in your home. Just because the traditional red and green scream Christmas doesn’t mean those are your only options. If you’re stumped by this, remember that Gold, Silver and other metallics are very Christmas-y as well. Look around your room(s), what colors or metalics can you build on?

Via Decorating in Silver for Christmas (