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Does your room just never feel right? There are a few simple things to consider that could make all the difference in your space! 

1. If your living room is small buy furniture with exposed legs, the more floor space you can see, the more spacious your room will feel. Additionally, having a coffee table with a glass insert in the top minimizes the table’s appearance.

2. When using an area rug, the front legs of the sofa should be placed on the front edge of the rug. This connects the furniture pieces and brings everything together. It’s also perfectly acceptable to put an area rug on top of wall to wall carpet, it’s a great way to add color and texture!

via RealSimple

3. Hang artwork between 60″ – 66″ from the floor to the center of the piece of art. This will put the center of the piece at an average eye height making it appealing for all who view it.

4. Don’t over crowd the space. Not just in quantity of furniture but also with size. Be mindful of the scale of the furniture versus the size of the room.

5. Bookcases are another area that have a tendency to get crowded. Just because they have space, doesn’t mean it needs to be filled! Combining items of different colors and textures creates visual interest while leaving space around items will give you a cleaner look.