Take it to Greater Heights

If you look around your room and feel like the ceiling seems low, or the room just feels squaty, look to the windows! Many times this problem can be solved by raising curtains and drapes above the window trim. Just because your window ends at a certain height doesn’t mean that your window treatments have to be hung from that height. The same is true of curtain length. Instead of the curtain ending at the sill, consider buying a longer curtain that extends to the floor or just above the floor. Additionally, overdoing it with window treatments by adding too many things – like having a drape and swag together, that cover parts of the window will cause some rooms to look smaller too.

Why does this work? Because you’ll be creating a tall vertical line, allowing your eye to travel the whole height of the room. Just like wearing vertical stripes to make you look taller, your room can look taller by lengthening vertical elements like curtains.


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