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A few weeks back I discussed the idea of “less is more” in relation to furniture. I’d like to expand on that principle and apply it to a whole room. More times than not I have a client that has chosen a theme for a room and has taken it to extreme! Don’t get me wrong, I love a theme in a room but there has to be a stopping point. Just because you love purple doesn’t mean every wall, every piece of trim, the pillows, the accessories, etc. need  to be purple. Or, just because you love leopard print doesn’t mean that every time you see it in a new accessory you have to buy it and add it to your room.

Just as it’s important not to stuff a room with furniture, it’s equally as important to not go overboard with a theme. Many think that by adding to a theme the room looks more pulled together, actually, the opposite is true. Going extreme on a theme will look messy, incoherent and cluttered.

How to know if your theme has gone extreme

1. When someone comes into your home they say something like “Wow, you like frogs!” (or whatever your theme is)

2. Every time you are out you pick up something new that corresponds with your theme, and have for years!

3. There’s no place left to put anything in your room. At every turn there is a theme related item.

4. Friends and family keep buying you gifts that go with your theme.