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To make each room comfortable without wasting space, here are some rules of thumb you can follow for various clearances and dimensions to use in different rooms.

Dining room – if no one needs to pass behind a person seated at the table, the table can be placed 32″ from the wall to the edge of the table. If it is necessary to be able to pass the seated diner, 36″ will be enough room to edge behind, while 44″ will allow enough room to walk behind. To calculate what size dining table to purchase, consider a minimum width of 24″ per seated diner at the table.

Bedroom – allow a minimum of 15″ on either side of the bed for making it and a minimum of 36″ of clearance from the foot of the bed to the wall or furniture piece on the wall across from the foot of the bed. If you have a room with twin beds be sure to leave a minimum of 30″ between beds.

Living Room – the coffee table should be placed 12″ in front of the couch. For heavy traffic to pass behind a couch allow for 36″ of clear space to do so. About 36″ is required for a person to extend their legs in front of them while seated.

Home Office – Position the working side of a desk 36″ from the wall or other furniture piece so that the desk chair can move around with ease. The same goes for the front side of the desk to a wall or furniture piece if placing guest chairs in front of a desk for clients to sit.